Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a manufacturer restrict who can train an individual to perform external calibration checks on a device?
No. The DOT rules [49 CFR Part 40, 'Procedures for Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs'] specifically set forth requirements that individuals must meet in order to be qualified as a Breath Alcohol Technician [BAT] or a Screening Test Technician [STT]. The minimum criteria that all BAT trainers must meet can be found at 40.213. It would be an undue burden on both the individuals conducting the tests and the companies for whom they are providing testing services to meet additional requirements [e.g. of device manufacturers], over and above the Federal requirements.

2. How do I dispose of my used dry gas tank?
You can either request a box from the manufacturer for return shipment [at your expenses], or you can dispose of them in any approved trash receptacle.

3. Is the wet bath solution toxic?
No. This solution is non-hazardous to humans and animals.

4. Where can I train to become a BAT, EBT, or STT?
We have training classes on going throughout the year at our facility or we can schedule a class at your facility. Please contact us for further details and pricing. We set dates to accommodate you! Or you can join a previously scheduled date.

5. How long does a class take? 
Courses usually take one business day and are held within the hours of 9am to 5pm. Exceptions include the 3-day CAOHC Audiometry course, and the 2-day NIOSH Spirometry course.

6. How do I turn on my vision screener or audiometer?
Most have an on switch on the back of the machine.

7. My patient response button is not working on the audiometer.
First make sure the button is pushed all the way down and fully plugged in. If this does not correct the problem, you may need a new response button.

8. My BAT is not coming on, what do I do?
You may need to fully charge the NiCad battery pack for a full 72 hours, for best results, or you may need a new battery pack.

9. How do I know when to have my audiometer calibrated?
You have the option on the automatic machines to produce a print out that shows the last calibration date at the bottom; or on the older machines you may need to refer to your files. All machines need annual calibration. If you cannot locate the information you need, you should send in the machine for calibration at your earliest convenience.

10. What is the DOT's training policy?
We wrote to the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding their drug and alcohol program, asking about limitations on who can do training for devices and calibration. Here is a copy of the reply we received.