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Depisteo VT1 Occupational Health Edition USB

Includes Depisteo VT1 Software: (V4)
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The Depisteo VT1 is intended for occupational health services and preventive medicine specialists. This advanced technology vision screener measures visual acuity and screens for visual problems.
  • The Depisteo VT1 saves time. Just a few minutes to perform a test.
  • No button or thumb wheel to press. Simplifies the process by controlling the device from computer.
  • Light-weight and easy to transport (only 10 pounds).
  • For wearers or progressive lenses, to go from far vision to near vision simply lower the eyes. Two different optical paths.
  • The VT1 inclines to adapt to the height of the patient.
  • It also inclines for ease of transport.
  • Detection sensor to ensure correct facial position (test only lights up when the forehead is in contact with the mobile forehead piece).
General Features:
Remote control
Back-lit LCD remote control
Height Device in working position: 19.7’’
Width Maximum width at base:10.2’’
Weight 10.3 lbs (without remote control)
Luminous Intensity Maximum: 200 candelas/m2.
Lighting system Lighting with 16 white LED system operated by micro controller and diff user system
Distances Far vision: 20’
               Intermediate vision: 24’’
               Near vision 14’’
Test Band High defi nition photographic fi lm
Reactivity Time between 2 neighboring tests: 2 secs
               Time to go from one lens to another: 1.5 secs

The VT1 V4 software operates the instrument in USB mode:

Screens vision more easily:
Using Purdue Job Standards protocols
Creating your own screening protocols

Reduces the risk of errors:
Reducing the amount of manual operation

Simplifies storage of test results:
Saving data on the computer or exporting medical results
Importing Depisteo VT1 test results from your existing EMR

Communicate with the patient:
Printing the results (all vision tests on the same form)
Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

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