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Mark V -LE

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*Only for sale and available for use in North America

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The MARK-V ALCOVISORĀ® is a hand-held, AFFORDABLE, micro-processor driven, breath alcohol testing instrument using a precision Platinum Electrochemical Fuel Cell. The fuel cell is specific for alcohol. It does not respond to acetone or other substances which can be found in human breath. The Mark V provides a simple, economical method of determining a subject's breath alcohol concentration with evidential grade accuracy.

The MARK V's compact design uses a unique reversible mouthpiece design providing operator safety and flexibility.
The Mark V LE instrument comes with: carrying case, illustrated operator's manual, 5 mouthpieces and 4 AAA batteries, 1 Year Warranty: Parts & Labor

NHTSA (U.S. DOT) Approved Evidential Breath Tester

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