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CMI Intoxilyzer 400

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Pre-owned CMI Intoxilyzer 400 Breath Alcohol Testing Instrument

  • Designed for employee testing programs
  • Three modes for customized use
  • Automatic breath sampling
  • Data storage of 100+ tests
  • Communications port allows for printing and/or downloading of results to a PC
  • Visual and audible operator prompts
  • Highly advanced!
The Intoxilyzer 400 was specifically designed for DOT-mandated testing and other workplace safety programs. It's fully automatic and results are displayed in seconds and automatically printed. If a DOT screening test is positive, the unit can automatically count down the 15-minute observation period before the confirmation test is done. It operates in three modes: Screening, Confirmatory or S/C. A built-in RS232 port allows for test result printing and/or downloading to a PC for record-keeping.

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