Picture of Casella CEL-350IS

Casella CEL-350IS

dBadge Noise Dosimeter

$1,595.00 (USD)

Perfect for all your personal noise measurements, the CEL-350IS series features a single measurement range from 65 to 140 dB to cover all levels required by OSHA, ACGIH and other national and international regulatory compliance protocols.

These dosimeters are approved for use in hazardous areas andhave been granted IS approval ( ATEX number Sira 07ATEX2032X)

They are also classified for use in Class 1, Div 1, GroupsA, B, C and D T2 ( FM report 3029871)

Incuded with Purchase: IS dBadge Micro noise dosimeter (supplied with w/scrn, calcert, pin and alligator clips)

Kits are available for an additional cost. Kits include the following:

All standard dBadge IS kits are provided with a charger and slave charger(s) to suit the number of dBadges selected plus; infra red interface to USB adaptor, Insight database software for single user, 110/240Vacto 12Vdc universal power supply, acoustic calibrator, pin and alligator clipsand a carrying case to fit up to 12 dbadges and accessories

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