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Picture of S&S MedCart PRN-15

S&S MedCart PRN-15

Pre-owned Partner Cart Series

$200.00 (USD)
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The S&S MedCart Advanced Electronic Care-Partner CartSeries bridges the world of high tech and high value. The Partner Cart Seriesprovides solidly constructed medication carts coupled with high tech access andreporting software that comes standard. With Silent PartnerĀ® software you canprogram four levels of access for up to 500 users on each cart. Access reportscan be viewed from the LCD screen on the cart or downloaded to a computer viathe interface port that comes as standard equipment. The addition of an optional dual-locking narcotics drawer to the cart allows you to deliver all your medications to the patient via the Partner Cart while at the same time satisfying the JCAHO standards.

  • Secure digital access LED touch panel for access 

  • Multi-level administrative and user access

  • Automatic locking mechanism

  • Manual lock override

  • 500 unique user IDs on each cart

  • Solid metal construction for durability and security

  • Low center of gravity for easy maneuvering

  • 5" casters for quiet operations

  • Multiple drawer configuration: 6-5.5" or 4-8.25"patient bin cassettes or 3"/6"/9"/12" x 17" metaldrawers

  • Large easy to clean work surface with SpillGuard Protect forthe electronics

  • Optional dual password Narcotic Lock Drawer

  • Optional items include-IV pole, pass thru trash, pill, and water cups

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