Picture of Depisteo VT1 Master Edition

Depisteo VT1 Master Edition

Includes VT1 Software

$4,750.00 (USD)

Depisteo VT1 Master Edition

Complete computerized unit to perform occupational health vision testings, child-specific tests, glare sensitivity and resistance tests. Also measures driving-license capacity for screening of certain professions.


Performs a test in 3 - 5 min

2 years warranty

Adapted to wearers of progressive lenses

LED lighting system, limitless lifetime, does not yellow the band

A sensor checks correct patient position

Different acuity charts prevent patient from memorizing acuity tests

Light weight unit: 10 lbs.

No intermediate button

Distance parametering (far, intermediate, near vision)

Luminosity parametering (high - low photopic, dusk vision)

VT1 Software

Compatible with XP, Windows Vista and Windows Seven

Save results electronically in your database

Tests, sequences and grading systems can be customized to your specific requirements

Create sequences according to Purdue Job Standards

Customize operator instructions

Export your results

Medgate seamless integration

OHM export via PD file

Selective printing

New features

Benefit a standard scoring according to Job categories and Purdue Job Standards

Customize your own scoring to determine a pass/fail for each sequence you create

You immediately know if your patient passed or failed a test

Tests Performed

Visual acuity for adult: letters and landolt ring

Visual acuity for children

Glare sensitivity

Glare resistance

Contrast sensitivity




Depth perception

Phorias vertical & horizontal for adult

Phorias vertical & horizontal for children

Ishihara type color test

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