Picture of Depisteo VT1 Essential with Remote Control

Depisteo VT1 Essential with Remote Control

Vision Screener

$2,725.00 (USD)

Depisteo VT1 Essential with Remote Control

Operated by its ergonomic and user-friendly  remote control "1 click 1 test", this model offers quick and reliable screening of the principal visual problems.


. Perform a test in 2 - 4 min

. 2 years warranty

. Adapted to wearers of progressive lenses

. LED lighting system, limitless lifetime, does not yellow the band

. A sensor checks correct patient position

. Different acuity charts prevent patient from memorizing acuity tests

. Light weight unit: 10 lbs

. No intermediate button

. Distance parametering (far, intermediate, near vision)

. Luminosity parametering (high - low photopic, dusk vision)

VT1 Essential Remote Control

. User-friendly remote control

. Customize lighting and distance

. Response form and scoring pad provided

Tests Performed

. Visual acuity : letters and landolt ring

. Hyperopia

. Astigmatism

. Fusion

. Depth perception

. Phorias vertical & horizontal

. Ishihara type color test

. Amsler grid

. Visual field : horizontal & vertical

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