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Picture of GSI 61 - $1,500.00

GSI 61 - $1,500.00

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$1,500.00 (USD)
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Two Channel Clinical Audiometer

The GSI 61 is the two-channel clinical audiometer from the most respected name in the audiological industry: Grason-Stadler. With its state-of-the-art, two channel design, the GSI 61 allows for fast, accurate pure tone and speech testing using phones (TDH, insert and high frequency), bone vibrator and sound field speakers for output.

It features both status and audiogram screen layouts for data presentation. And it even has an articulating screen - making the GSI 61 not only easy to use, but easy to view, too!

The GSI 61 come with everything you'll need to perform a clinic audiometric test battery with maximum speed and efficiency. Features that further enhance your testing capabilities are: dual channel control with mixing/routing capabilities which allow the operator to mix signals and direct them to either or both ears, high frequency capabilities, direct calibration for insert earphones, auxiliary inputs, scorer/counter, test storage, transfer and hard copy printouts using an HP color DeskJet printer.

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