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MIR Spirobank II (Basic)

New MIR Spirobank II Spirometer(Basic)
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MIR Spirobank II (basic) features a careful, user friendly, portable design with enhanced technology, making it the new standard in the field of portable spirometry. Functions on the Spirobank II are quick and intuitive with an icon based navigation menu, FVC and VC tests with main parameters always activated. The Spirobank II features a high resolution display screen, backlit for use in emergency medicine and includes an indicator light for immediate diagnosis. Tests are analyzed directly on the display without having to connect to a computer. This spirometer provides Estimated Lung Age (ELA), which immediately measures benefits after quitting smoking. The memory can hold up to 10,000 tests, has a long life rechargeable battery (around 40 hours), and a USB connection. 

The digital MIR turbine is a simple and extremely reliable mechanical system that is immune to variations in environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and air viscosity. The Spirobank II can use the disposable FlowMIR turbine that guarantees maximum accuracy and utmost hygiene, having been tested and packaged individually and allows for complete spirometry test (expiration inspiration) as prescribed by ATS guidelines. The FlowMIR offers a huge advantage over antibacterial filters, thereby reducing costs and processing time of spirometers. The Spirobank II is ideal for family doctors and is the perfect choice for your needs. 

Purchase includes: the Spirobank II (basic), carrying case, USB connectivity, and the full featured WinspiroPro PC software. 

  • Main parameters always enabled 
  • Indicator light
  • Pre test 
  • Turbine flow meter

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