Picture of Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyzer DOT Package #2

Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyzer DOT Package #2

Includes all the supplies needed to start your DOT testing program. 100 free mouthpieces. A $1,482.00 value.
Mercury Package #2

$1,385.00 (USD)

Touch-Screen Technology & Wireless Printing

Act now to get the first touch-screen, DOT approved evidential grade breath alcohol testing instrument on the US Market!
Platinum fuel cell technology paired with the latest technology make this device a must have for Law Enforcement and DOT testing. 

NHTSA (U.S. DOT) Approved Evidential Breath Tester

*Only for sale and available for use in North America

Product Features

  • Fast testing in a matter of seconds
  • Affordable
  • Automatic and Manual breath sampling enabled
  • Touch Screen Technology - 2" Screen
  • Evidential Accuracy
  • Wireless Printer
  • Holds 10,000 Test Records Memory
  • Audible beeping as subject provides a breath sample let's you know air is flowing through the device
  • Visual bar on the LCD screen shows you how much breath the subject is providing
  • USB PC Connection available with optional upload software

Mercury Package #2 comes with the following items:

  • Mercury breath testing device
  • Wireless thermal printer (Bluetooth)
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Nylon belt pouch
  • 4, AAA Batteries
  • AC adaptor for charging printer battery
  • 1, Passive sampling cup
  • 2 rolls of thermal printing paper
  • Instructor manual
  • Hard-shell carry case
  • 1 year warranty
  • 100 free mouthpieces
  • 34 liter dry gas tank (.038 standard)
  • Tank regulator
  • 100 DOT testing forms
  • 100 non-DOT testing forms
  • Tamper evident tape to attach test results to the form
  • Large hard-shell carry case with dry gas tank insert


Technical Specifications

Alcohol Sensor            Platinum Elctrochemical fuel cell generates an electrical current in response to alcoho lvapor.

Accuracy                   Meets DOT specifications +/- 0.005% up to 0.100% BrAC and +/-5% above 0.100% BrAC

Sample Accuracy        0.001%(digital display)

Detection Range          0.00 to 0.400 BrAC

Response Time            5 seconds or less

Recovery Time            Less than 1 minute

Start-up Delay Less than 1 minute

Sampling System          Automatically takes deep lung sample or tests manually

Passive Mode  Screening cup provided

Breath Sample Time    Up to 10 seconds continuous breath - minimum 2.5 seconds

Unit of Measure          %BrAC, mg/l, mg/100ml, or any other units

Working Temperature 14Fto 122F (-10 to +50C)

Storage Conditions     -13Fto 158F (-25 to 70C); not more than 90% relative humidity

LCD Display Size       2"TFT color touch screen

Dimensions     5.5"(13.9 cm) x 2.5" (6.3 cm) x 1.5" (3.8 cm)

Weight            0.56 lbs (254 grams)

Self Diagnostics          Programmed self-check assures unit is operational upon power up.

Power Supply  Four (4)AA disposable Alkaline Batteries

Battery Life    500 tests

Optional Power           12 volt auto adapter

Clock   Real time clock

Memory           10,000 test records including all information

Pump   Automatically actuated electronic pump - No cocking required

Mouthpiece     Affordable,sanitary, and individually wrapped

Calibration      Annually with monthly accuracy checks. Use Dry Gas

USB Cable      Computer interface connection

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