Picture of CareCenter MD PC-Based EKG (Wireless)

CareCenter MD PC-Based EKG (Wireless)

$4,445.00 (USD)

CareCenter MD (Resting, Wireless Bluetooth) is a PC-based ECG/Stress Tests and Diagnostic Workstation with connectivity and wireless testing capabilities designed to make your workflow much easier.

Resting ECG Test 12-lead
Rhythm ECG Test 12-lead
Stress Test - Treadmill
Stress Test - Bicycle
Stress Test – Pharmacological

  • Wireless data acquisition between patient and workstation
  • Intuitive One-button navigation: Easy to learn graphical user interface; common for all modalities.
  • Hook-up verification screen: At a glance indication of proper electrode hook-up for better accuracy.
  • Scalable design: Designed to make adding future modalities a breeze.
  • Flexible customization: Modify and save screen views for each user and select reports that best fit your needs.
  • EMR connectivity: Import demographics and orders; export results to your EMR for future access.
  • CareCenter MD OfficeNet: Access all patient data and results throughout your network or from remote locations.
  • CareCenter MD Online: View live patient tests from a remote location and comment via instant messaging.

Advanced connectivity
Shared patient database for both PC ECG and PC stress test
Warranty: 1-year for acquisition modules

Multimodality, scalable workstation. One platform for both ECG and Stress test means no re-entry of patient data, plus scalability for new modalities as they become available.
Convenience. Wireless data acquisition means test safety, comfort, and confidence for your patients and staff.
Ease of use. Our modern, flexible user interface uses the same simple, one-button navigation for all modalities.
Advanced networking. CareCenter MD shared patient database provides access to complete test data across the network; CareCenter MD Online allows for remote live consultations.
Shared patient database. A single, shared patient database means results are available throughout your network, with or without an electronic health records system (EHR).
Flexibility. Modify and save screen views on the fly. Select the report format that works best for you.
EHR connectivity. Save, review, and combine permanent patient records in your EHR via HeartCentrix or HL7.
Confidence. Physicians trust the Burdick and Quinton product lines with more than 65,000 devices delivering proven performance in many clinical environments.

Technical Specifications
Dynamic Range: ± 316 mV DC
Sample Rate: 8000 Hz [125 μs] for each of the 10 electrode channels
Resolution: 2.576 μV / LSB, 18 bit
Common Mode Rejection: ≥ 120 dB
Frequency Range: 0.05 Hz - 150 Hz
Pacemaker Detection: Digital monitoring of all electrodes. Amplitude ≥ 2 mV, Duration ≥ 200 µs, Edge times ≤ 100 µs
Input Impedance: > 50 MΩ
Electrode Check: Frequency analysis and impedance measurement.
Input Protection: Against defibrillator shock and RF surgery pulses.
Patient Cable Connection: 15-Pin D-Sub for 10-lead patient cable, AHA or IEC color code, pinch (Stress), and banana plug with clip (ECG)
Applied Part: Type CF
Standards: DIN EN 60601-1; DIN EN 60601-1-2; DIN EN 60601-2-25; DIN EN 60601-2-51;
PC Requirements
CPU: Intel compatible processor 2 GHz
Memory: RAM 1 GB (2 GB for server)
Hard Disk: > 10 GB of available space (100 GB for server to accommodate database)
Drive: CD or DVD Drive
Display Resolution:
1024 x 768 (minimum)
1280 x 1024, 24 bit or better (recommended)
Network: Network interface card 10Mb/s min, 1000Mb/s recommended.
Operating Systems: Windows XP Pro SP2, Vista Pro, Windows 7 Pro, Server 2003, Server 2008
USB Acquisition Device
PC Connection: USB 2.0 (5 meter USB cable)
Power Supply: Powered via USB connection.
QRS Trigger Output: Via LPT and serial port of the PC
Size: 95 mm x 64 mm x 28 mm (3.7 in x 2.5 in x 1.1 in)
Weight: 90 g (3.17 oz)

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