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Amplivox 270 Diagnostic Audiometer


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A very comprehensive diagnostic/clinical audiometer that facilitates AC, BC, speech audiometry together with a range of clinical tests.

  • Air, bone and speech audiometry
  • Pure tone, continuous, pulsed and warble tones
  • Range of clinical tests
  • Optional NOAH interface
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Talk forward/back function
  • Optional printer
  • Optional insert earphones


The Amplivox 270 is a diagnostic audiometer that excels in the critical areas of technology, ergonomics and ease of use.


A comprehensive specification including several clinical tests, transducer output choices and test result recording options together with unsurpassed product reliability is made possible by the use of advanced digital technology.


The controls are arranged in a clear and logical manner. Test information appears instantaneously on the large integral display which is set at an optimal viewing angle.

Ease of use

A reduced test time is achieved with the use of the threshold retention facility and quiet, positive action rotary controls. Test results can be saved in memory, printed with the optional printer or exported via the NOAH compatible interface (AC, BC, speech and ULL results).


The Amplivox 270 is a very compact audiometer and has the flexibility to be used for both clinic and portable applications. The lightweight custom designed carrying case will accommodate the audiometer and accessories.

Technical Specifications


Outputs: Left A(, Right AC, Bone (L&R) insert masking and freefield

Frequency range (Hz): AC: 125-8kHz BC: 250Hz-8kHz

Frequency accuracy: <1%

Distortion: <2%

Output level range (AC): -10dBHL to 120dBHL (max)

Output level range (BC): -10dBHL to 70dBHL (max)

Output level range (FF): Up to 90dB

Insert masking output: 90dBHL max (250-4kHz)

Output level accuracy: Within 3dB

Output level step size: 2.5dB/5dB

Output transducer options: TDH39/TDH49 earphones,

optional insert earphones and freefield

Tone present: Single, pulsed, warble or continuous

Masking: Narrowband or broadband

Lock: Synchronous channel lock

Clinical tests: SISI Stenger ABLB SAL

Communication: Integral talk over and talk back facility

Recorded speech: Tape or CD input

Live speech: 2 x microphone input

Level indicator: Monitors live and recorded speech

NOAH interface: Transfer of AC and BCtest results



Display: 2 lines of 24 characters

Power (UK): 240V ac 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (mm):

355 x 230 x 100 high

Weight: 1.54kg


The Amplivox 270 conforms to

the relevant clauses of the

following standards.

Safety: EN60601-1

EMC: EN60601-1-2

Audiometric: EN60645

CE mark: Approved for Medical

Device Directive

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