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Picture of Inventis Piccolo- Speech $2,490

Inventis Piccolo- Speech $2,490

Portable Audiometer (computer)
Headset, Patient Response and Bone Transducer Included

$2,490.00 (USD)
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**Computer compatible but not included.

Piccolo is a portable diagnostic audiometer, offering air, bone and speech audiometry functions. Piccolo can be controlled either from a computer running Windows or, for the first time ever, from an iPad® over a Bluetooth wireless connection.
A lightweight, compact design, powerful, user-friendly software, and Noah connectivity combine to make Piccolo the ideal choice for professionals on the move.

The model

• Speech: pure tone and speech audiometry - AC and BC outputs

Computer control

Connect Piccolo to the USB port of your computer and you are ready to go. There is no need to install a driver or even plug in a power supply. You can control Piccolo through the Maestro module’s amazingly user-friendly interface, available for Daisy and Noah software.

Incredibly portable

Piccolo is extremely light (less than 300 grams), boasts a very small footprint, and does not even need a power supply when controlled through the computer. It is therefore the perfect solution for anybody seeking a top quality portable audiometer.

Wireless version (iPad compatible) available for an additional $250.

iPad® control

Whether you are hooked on iPads or just looking for a superbly portable solution, you can download the Inventis Maestro app from Apple®’s App Store®. The Aero option lets you control Piccolo directly from your iPad® over a Bluetooth connection (iPad® 3 or newer required). The Maestro app features a complete patient database, allowing you to print professional reports and export data to Noah and Daisy.

Includes: TDH39 headphones; B71 bone vibrator; Speech Material; Medical Grade Power Supply; Patient Response Switch; USB Connection Cable; Carrying Case; User Manual; Software Suite CD.  

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