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Alco-Sensor IV

Black DOT

$499.00 (USD)

Pre-owned Unit in Great Condition!

* Only for sale and available for use in North America

Price Includes: Intoximeters Alco Sensor IV with memory and operator's manual.

  • Simple On/Off capabilities - - Just insert mouthpiece

  • Unit shuts off automatically preserving battery live

  • Plugs right into existing breath analyzer printer

  • Compact printout meets DOT requirements and eliminates unnecessary subject information and signature lines

  • Q.A.P. does not require calibration each six months or annually

  • No costly manufacturer's certificates required to operate the device for DOT use

  • No costly manufacturer's re-certification annually or semi-annually

  • Lowest pricing in the industry

  • Trade-ins accepted (discounts on trade-ins)

  • Leasing available

  • Lower prices on mouthpieces

  • No Hardware Failure" messages

The Intoximeters Alco-Sensor IV with memory is an automated hand-held evidential analyzer. The Intoximeters Alco-Sensor IV with memory follows a program driven test procedure. Each function is displayed on an LED panel, which provides the operator with step-by-step instructions for fail safe testing.

Features & Benefits

  • Integration fuel cell process (Patented)

  • Automatic sampling Breath volume measurement (Patented)

  • Last test recall

  • Breath sampling indicator

  • Stored Test Memory Powered by 9v alkaline battery(500 tests)

  • Portable Battery strength indicator LED display for easy viewing

  • Temperature checking On/Off activated by mouthpiece insertion

  • Date/Time clock

Product Specifications:

Sampling System: The software monitored diagnostic system requires proper battery power, proper instrument temperature, successful instrument pretest blank and the delivery of a deep lung breath specimen before automatically taking sample.

Mouthpiece: The disposable one-way mouthpiece is individually wrapped and can be automatically ejected from the instrument to avoid personal contact.

Electrical Requirements:

Power Supply: 9 Volt heavy-duty alkaline battery

Battery Capacity: 300 + tests per battery

Physical Characteristics:

Size/Weight: Hand Held 11oz.

Case Construction: ABS plastic


Data Storage: Last test recall function

Display: Four-digit alphanumeric led display

Communications: The Intoximeters Alco Sensor IV can be connected to (RS232 cable included) and run with a printer (included) or a computer

Measurement Limits: Accurately detect breath alcohol levels between .000 - .400 BrAC.

Response Time: The unit responds within 10 seconds on negative samples and within 30-45 seconds on positive samples.

Sampling Rate: The patented analytical system permits quickresults, more positive tests per time with no loss of sensitivity.

Drift: Instruments will maintain calibration (plus or minus.005 at the .100 level) for months.

Calibration: Checks and calibrations should be performedwith either a National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA) approvedwet bath simulator or a dry gas standard.

Environmental: Can operate between 0 and 40 C.

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