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Picture of  Inventis Clarinet $3,835.00

Inventis Clarinet $3,835.00

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$3,835.00 (USD)
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Clarinet is a clinical middle ear analyzer, featured with all the tests needed for a deep and accurate investigation of middle ear disorders. Automatic and manual tympanometry, acoustic reflex threshold, decay and latency examinations, ETF for intact and perforated eardrums, high frequency and multi-component tympanometry are all available and full results can be observed on a wide color touch screen display.

The display

Clarinet incorporates a large high-resolution color graphic display, giving a clear and detailed picture of the exam in progress. And with touch screen input, interaction with the instrument is extremely simple.

The probe

Clarinet features an extremely light, small and sturdy metal probe, which can be very rapidly disassembled and cleaned. The probe is connected to the small Control Box, through which you can select the ear and start the exam.

Endless flow pump

Clarinet immediately impresses for the incredible speed of its pump: the sweep speed can reach 600 daPa / sec, without compromising on accuracy and precision of tympanogram plots. The pump features an endless airflow technology, improving the execution of the test when the seal is not optimal.

Go in-depth with investigations

High-frequency and multi-component tympanometry, evaluation of multiple stimuli averaged reflex latencies together with the up-to-date measure of reflex plot angles of incidence are just some of the Clarinet advanced features that will take your clinical investigation to new levels.

Noah & Daisy integration

Simply connect Clarinet to a USB port on your computer (no driver needed), and you can transfer exam results into your Daisy or Noah database. And with the live view feature, you can have a wide view of the examination in progress on the computer display.

With built-in printer $6,090.00USD


Manufacturer Inventis
Model Clarinet - Basic
Filter the specifications  
Impedance: Class EN 60645-5, ANSI S3.39 1
Audiometer: Class  EN 60645-1, ANSI S3.6 n.a.
Available tests:  
Automatic  Yes
• Manual  Yes
• Multi-Frequency No
• Multi-Component (Y, B and G) No
Acoustic Reflex  
• Automatic threshold Yes
• Manual Yes
• Fixed Intensity Yes
• Growing Intensity Yes
Acoustic Reflex Decay Yes
Acoustic Reflex Latency Test (ARLT) Yes
Eustachian Tube Function Test (ETF)  
• Intact Yes
• Perforated Yes
Quick Tests (Tymp. + Reflex) Yes
Pure Tone Audiometry No
• Outputs -
Speech Audiometry No
• Speech inputs -
Other audiometry tests No
Probe tones 226 Hz (85 dBSPL)
Compliance Range 0.2 to 8.0 ml
Pressure Range -600 to +400 daPa
Pressure Limitations -800 daPa and +600 daPa
Pressure Rate 15, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 daPa/sec,
AUTO (200 <-> 600 daPa/sec)
Manual pump function Yes
Single and multiple scan tympanometry
(selectable sweep direction)
Acoustic reflex outputs:  
Reflex stimuli 250 (C-TDH39), 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000,
8000 (C-TDH39) Hz,
Reflex step level Attenuator step: 1, 2, 5dB.
Thr: 5,  10dB.
Growing: 1, 2, 5 dB
Reflex recordings  number (per ear) 16
Reflex stimulus ON-time 0.5s to 2.5s (step: 0.5s)
Reflex stimulus OFF-time 0.5s to 2.5s (step: 0.5s)
Acoustic Reflex Decay: stimulus ON-Time 10s or 20s
Acoustic Reflex Decay: stimulus OFF-Time 1,2,3,4,5 s
Acoustic Reflex Latency: show ON / OFF-Angle
(incidence angle of the acoustic reflex slopes)
Internal memory 1 patient (all tests)
Internal printer Optional
External printer No
Display Colour graphical TFT LCD 7'' display, res. 800 x 480
Touch screen Yes
Wrist strap Yes
Shoulder strap Yes
PC interface USB
Proprietary software Maestro
Noah compatibility Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 32 x 32 x 15 cm
(w.p.  32 x 39 x 15 cm)
Weight 2.0kg (w.p. 2.5kg)

Includes:  Remote control unit with probe; Single TDH39 earphone with headband; Calibration cavity; Assorted tips; Wrist Strap; Shoulder Strap; Dust Cover; Medical Grade Power Supply; USB Connection Cable; User Manual; Software Suite CD.  

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