HealthExplorer Hearing Conservation Software

Automatically prints exams from audiometers

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HealthExplorer Hearing Conservation Software


  • Supports multiple companies
  • Daily biological test logs
  • Pick lists for departments/jobs/locations
  • Separate left and right baselines
  • Automatic calculation of STS with age correction
  • Multiple hearing impairment calculations
  • Exports reports to PDF/Excel/Word
  • Automatically prints exams from audiometers

The easy to navigate demographics window allows for entering all the necessary information required by OSHA or MSHA. A picture can also be included to help with identification of patients. Pick lists allow for easy entering of department, job and location information.

The audiometric exams window displays all the audiometric exams for a patient, along with their respective baseline status and threshold shift results. A simple presentation allows for easy viewing of the actual test thresholds along with a comparison to the baseline information for that exam. Baselines can be set for each ear to comply with the latest regulations and rulings.




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