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Alco-Sensor FST

Most widely-used Evidential Breath Testing Device by Law Enforcement. 100 Free MouthPieces

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Alco-Sensor FST Breathalyzer

The Alco-Sensor FST breathalyzer device is widely used by law enforcement, corrections and substance abuse treatment professionals worldwide:

  • Approved by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation as an evidential breathalyzer device
  • Approved by almost every state for law enforcement use as a PBT (Preliminary Breath Tester)
  • Evidential accuracy exceeds +/- .005 at .100 BrAC
  • Display prompts operator through a test sequence, greatly reducing operator error
  • Automatic breath sampling feature captures a subjects breath when they deliver continuous breath, eliminating operator error
  • Manual breath sampling override captures the breath of a subject with shy lung or who is uncooperative
  • Fuel cell sensor gives evidential accurate results, eliminates false positives
  • Passive test mode can test many people quickly (every 10 seconds) without changing a mouthpiece, saving you time and money
  • Ergonomic, right or left handed operation leaves one hand free to control unpredictable subjects
  • Start a test sequence with the press of a single button
  • Back-facing display allows the operator to observe the subject at all times and the display
  • Drink sniffer attachment can test beverage for presence of alcohol

Alco-Sensor FST Includes: 

  • 25 mouthpieces

  • Rubber grip sleeve with wrist strap

  • Hard-shell cary case

  • 1, drink sniffer accessory

  • 2, passive breath sampling cups

  • AA Batteries

  • Operator manual

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