Picture of Evidential Breath Testing (E.B.T.) Technician Training Course

Evidential Breath Testing (E.B.T.) Technician Training Course

E.B.T. Technician Course. This course covers ONLY the operation of the Jupiter, Mercury OR Mark V breath alcohol testing device.

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Evidential Breath Testing Technician Training Course Description:
Following the completion of this class and successful completion of the exam, the student will be certified to properly administer a breath alcohol test, interpret the results and maintain records, demonstrate proficiency in conducting a breath alcohol test, complete as self-check test sufficient to demonstrate proficiency in operation and perform external calibration checks on the EBT. This course follows the training curriculum and is required by the DOT, the procedural requirements for alcohol testing s stated in the 49CFR part 40 [Federal Register Vol. 59, #31, Tuesday, February 15, 1994, Pgs. 7340 - 7366] and amendments to the rules.
*Note: BAT training must be taken in conjunction with EBT training unless attendee has been previously certified as a BAT.

Course Outline:

  • Basic operational procedures for a specific make and model for each EBT
  • Keypad orientation and printer orientation (if applicable)
  • Printing test results Trouble shooting issues
  • Quality assurance review
  • Simulator guidelines and hands-on operations
  • External calibration checks (accuracy checks)
  • Protocols and record-keeping logs
  • Warranty / Maintance / storage procedures
  • Demonstrate proficiency in operation of the EBT of choice and be able to perform external calibration checks as required by the DOT 49 CFR part 40 rules and guidelines


Training Provided on the Following Devices:

Lifeloc Training:

  • Phoenix Classic
  • Phoenix 6.0
  • FC-10
  • FC-20
  • PBA3000B
  • EV30

Intoximeters Training

  • Alco Sensor IV with Memory
  • Alco Sensor III
  • Alcomonitor CC
  • Alco Sensor IV RBT IV

CMI Training

  • Intoxilyzer Training
  • Model 200 D
  • Intoxilyzer 400
  • SD-2
  • SD-5

Draeger Traning

  • Draeger 7410+
  • Draeger 7410


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