Spirometry Certification and Training for Occupational Health and Industrial Medicine

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Spirometry for Industrial and Occupational Medicine:
a Comprehensive Training and Certification Course

Next class is scheduled for September 25th, 2018 in Knoxville, TN.

You know that your spirometry professionals need to be properly trained on using and interpreting the test results on your spirometry equipment. But, you would certainly like to avoid the lost days of productivity and the expenses of sending them to some multi-day training course.

Well, we at Kahntact USA Inc. and the Medical Education and Technology Institute (MET) have the answer. Our group offers the convenience of on-site and online spirometry certification classes for nurses, technicians and occupational health professionals.

Rest assured, there is no previous training or experience required to take this valuable training course. People who have no spirometry background are always welcome.

Our spirometry certification courses require just ONE DAY to complete, and they are device-specific to your organization. They provide the essential information and hands-on experience necessary for optimal performance of forced expiratory maneuvers that will produce acceptable and reproducible spirograms.

Our instructor, Gary Kahn is unmatched in his in-depth knowledge of spirometers and their use, as well as being well versed in other medical devices. He has more than 30 years experience in healthcare training.

Mr. Kahn’s involvement with respiratory therapy products and spirometry dates back more than 20 years. In addition to receiving his B.A. degree at Washington University (St. Louis), majoring in biology, he has successfully completed:

  • NIOSH Approved Pulmonary Function Testing Training Course (Course #12) conducted by the American Lung Association (1990)
  • Spirometry Testing and Respiratory Surveillance Program (Course # 51) Palmer and Associates (1993)

In addition, Mr. Kahn has co-sponsored numerous NIOSH (National Institute for Safety and Health) Courses for more than 15 years, beginning in 1991.

For the last decade, Kahntact USA and MET have offered our one-day Spirometry Training and Certification Course. This course emphasizes the American Thoracic Society's recommendations for quality assurance in the performance of spirometry acceptability and reproducibility standards.

Understand that NIOSH does not have its own standards for spirometry. As a result, our firm trains individuals in accordance with prevailing industry standards. Examples include:

  • The “American Thoracic Society (ATS)/ERS Task Force: Standardization of Lung Function Testing.” This course is in compliance with American Thoracic Society (ATS) Recommendations for the Standardization of Spirometry (published in 2005 and prior issuances).
  • The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals Organization's (JCAHO) mandate for complying with industry standards and recommendations.

KahnTact’s and MET’s Spirometry Certification and Training Classes are indeed a wise choice for companies and organizations that are looking for the best in spirometry training. Based on our in-depth industry experience, this class has totally replaced the need for a two-day spirometry course.

A related benefit to this is that a one-day course makes Kahntact USA’s unique training economical, both in terms of the cost for the course and the time required to educate your spirometry professionals. Typically, our classes eliminate one day of employee compensation for each attendee, along with travel and overnight lodging costs. This can result in a savings of anywhere from $400 to $1,400 per professional.

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*Note: Kahntact USA, inc. is not affiliated with NIOSH (National Institute for Safety and Health) or any other governmental agency.

Kahntact USA Inc's Spirometry Certification and Training Course is device-specific:

  • MIR Spirometer Certification and Training:
            MiniSpir, SpiroLab III; Spirobank II; Spirobank G USB; Spirotel; Spirodoc and Spirobank
  • nSPIRE Spirometry Training and Certification (formerly FERRARIS Medical Inc.):
            KoKo Legend; KoKo PFT; KoKo Trek; and KoKo DigiDoser
  • NDD Medical Technologies Spirometry Training and Certification:
            EasyOne Plus Diagnostic Spirometry System; EasyOne Plus Screen Spirometry System;
            and Easy on-PC Spirometry System
  • MicroDirect Spirometer Training and Certification:
            MicroDL; MicroLab; MicroLoop; SpiroUSB; Alpha; MicroDiary; MicroGP; MicroPlus;
            Microlab MK6 3500; and Micro Spirometer
  • Creative Biomedics Training and Certification:
            WinDX and SX Spirometer
  • MultiSpiro Training and Certification:
            MultiSpiro SX Spirometer (Gold, Silver or Platinum); MultiSpiro Breeze; Breeze Classic;
            and MultiSpiro DX Portable
  • Vitalograph Training and Certification:
            Vitalograph 2120; COMPACT; ALPHA; Micro; In2itive; Spirotrac 6800; SpirotracV;
            Gold Standard; and Gold Standard Plus
  • Schiller America Training and Certification:
            Spirovit SP-1; Spirovit SP-10; CARDIOVIT CS-200 Ergo-Spiro;
            CARDIOVIT AT-104 PC Ergo-Spiro; Sp-2; CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus with Spirometry;
            and CARDIOVIT AT-102
  • SDI Training and Certification:
            SpiroLab; SpiroLab II; Astra100; Astra200; and Astra300 Spirometer
  • Puritan Bennett Spirometer (Covidien, Nellcor) Training and Certification:
            PB Renaissance II; PB100; and PB900A
  • Jones Medical Training and Certification:
            Base Stations3 Spirometry System (SBS-3B); Satellite3Plus (SA-3B Plus);
            Satellite3 Separate (SA-3B); and Base Station (B-3B)
  • Welch Allyn Training and Certification:
            SpiroPerfect PC-Based Spirometer
  • Fukuda Denshi Training and Certification:
            SP-350 Spirometer
  • Midmark Spirometer Training and Certification:
            IQ Mark Digital; IQMark; and IQ Spiro
  • Burdick / Cardiac ScienceSpirometer Training and Certification:
            Presto; Sensaire; and Spirosense
  • FutureMed Spirometer Training and Certification:
            Discovery; Discovery2; Spirovision3; and P8000
  • MedGraphics Spirometer Training and Certification:
  • QRS Diagnostic Spirometer Training and Certification:
            SpiroCard PC Spirometer; SpirOxCard PC Spirometer; Sensaire; Medicaire; and Oxicare
  • Collins Spirometer Training and Certification
  • Buhl Spirometer Training and Certification

… and many more.

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