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Dry Gas Tank Regulator

1.5 liters per minute dry gas tank regulator. In stock.

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The custom designed reusable Dry Gas Regulator works with the 17 liter, 19 liter, 34 liter and 108 liter dry gas cylinders.

The regulator has been designed with reduced dead space, which saves gas since purging gas prior to sampling is kept to a minimum.

The recessed flow push button reduces the likelihood that gas will be expelled inadvertently. By hand tightening the regulator on to the tank, the pressure gauge will indicate the contents of the tank.

By depressing the button at the top of the tank gas flow will commence. By attaching a breath test instrument to the out port of the regulator the gas sample can be directed into a breath alcohol analyzer for analysis.

Our standard regulator produces gas flow of 1.5 liters per minute.

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