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Alcovisor Mark V $845.00

Lowest Price DOT Device on the Market!

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$845.00 (USD)

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*Only available for use in North America

The Mark V has the best features in the industry, it's the lowest price, and that's the truth!

6 reasons to choose Mark V ALCOVISOR

1. Lowest priced device for DOT testing with DOT print-out format

2. Easiest device for you to train your staff members

3. Easiest of all devices to operate

4. Easy to understand

5. DOT approved

The MARK-V is DOT/NHTSA Approved and uses a precision Electrochemical Fuel Cell to provide reliable and accurate test results.  The fuel cell responds directly and proportionately to Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC), with a stable lifespan.

The “proprietary” electrochemical fuel cell is particularly sensitive to alcohol, but is not responsive to acetone or any other breath substances.
Designed for both Law Enforcement and Workplace testing.
The MARK-V is easy to use and encased in a portable, efficient design. The unit is AFFORDABLE, with features you need at a price that makes sense.    

The MARK-V instrument comes with: AAA Batteries, storage case, illustrated operator's manual, 5 mouthpieces, and printer.


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