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HearTrak has tracked the hearing data of several million workers with tens of millions of hearing tests since 1984. It is an easy to use, yet comprehensive, data management system designed specifically for hearing conservation professionals. Building upon the widely acclaimed DOS version, the audiometric analysis feature in HearTrak performs a series of evaluations automatically and instantaneously, executing the following routines:

  • Audiometric data validation
  • OSHA 10-dB STS calculations
  • OSHA 2003 and MSHA Recordable Hearing Loss calculations
  • Baseline adjustment for confirmed threshold shifts
  • Baseline adjustment for confirmed "improved" hearing
  • NIOSH STS (15-dB Twice) calculations
  • Medical referral recommendations based upon AAO-HNS criteria
  • Hearing impairments based upon various state formulae

The HearTrak system evolved over many years to become a complete and comprehensive hearing conservation data management system. It can be used to track as little information as necessary (only the employee and hearing tests have to be entered) or as complete as the user requires (comprehensive medical histories - initial and annual, non-occupational noise histories, training, noise exposures, otoscopic examinations, work history, hearing protector use, and chemical exposures that may be ototoxic).

HearTrak is designed to run on a PC with the databases located on the PC or a Local Area Network (LAN).

* Sample Database for Learning and "What If?"
* Employee Information Relevant to the Hearing Conservation Program
* Track Hearing Conservation Training
* Data Analysis
* Supports All Common Microprocessor Audiometers
* Assistance in Identifying Employees at Risk
* User-customized Notification Letters
* User-customized Individual Reports
* Employee Questionnaire Used for Collecting Supporting Data
* Basic Reports Summarizing STSs, Recordables, Etc.
* Can Print Reports to PDF Files
* Fast Manual Entry of Test Data
* Fast Medical History Entry
* Data File Import
* Export Hearing Test Data to Excel CSV Files
* Import and Export HearTrak Windows Encrypted Files for Transferring Data Between HearTrak Users
* Special Functions Related to Maintenance of the Database

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